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Saturday, April 08, 2006

President Bush Lambasted by Taylor

What a brilliant line.

‘I hope you have the grace and humility to be ashamed of yourself, inside yourself.”

Just brilliant. It cuts right down to the core.

Taylor's line was futile. President Bush lives insides a protective shell that insulates him from feelings like shame. It's not that he isn't intelligent enough to understand how bad of a President he is, it's that he just doesn't have any sense of self. He is just a random human being with a closed mind and powerful parents. His supporters are the same. His supporters are the people who feel loyalty to the quarterback of their local football team. President Bush is a guy you can really pump your fists about if you're a fan of spectator sports. Go Bush! Boo Detractors! I'm surprised people don't where Bush jerseys... perhaps the NASCAR logos take up too much room on their leather jackets.

The problem in the United States is all of our fecal false-patriots. I'd rather have illegal immigrants who are willing to work hard than proud jingoists who are stripping away our freedoms and who support our troops by voting for their death.