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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Truth Doesn't Exist

What’s religion? It helps us cope. Made by a man. Who smoked too much dope.

And love? A glorious thing. But what’s it about? Wearing a ring?

What about goodness? It’s so fake. We’re all humans. All on the take.

And last, we come to hate. Directed at people, doomed by fate.

We’ve built a plastic world, on a primitive surface.

We’ve created a reality, based on consensus.

Popular vote, rules the day.

G-d forbid, you’re black, poor or gay.

Strength in numbers? Is that what you say?

Love is forever? You’ll never stray?

Truth is relative. Perspective is too.

It doesn’t seem to matter. Unless it happens to you.

The world’s not messed up. It’s just who we are.

We haven’t changed at all. Although we’ve come so far.

I think I care. In fact I know I do.

But when others say it. I know it ain’t true.


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