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Friday, September 16, 2005

Federal Gov Should Not Finance the Rebuilding of New Orleans!

You want to hear immoral?

Immoral is when an entity (let's call them the Federal Government), led by a man (let's call him George W. Bush), forces people (let's call them American People), to donate money to a cause they may not believe in.

George W. Bush will compel the federal government to spend well over $200 billion in the rebuilding of New Orleans when all is said and done. What gives him the right? Who the hell is he to single out a group of people in the United States and decide that they should receive a greater portion of financial resources than all others.

I feel bad for the people of New Orleans and surrounding locations, but it is not the job of the government to be compassionate - it is the job of individuals to be compassionate.

Not only is this act immoral, it is unconstitutional. Imagine... the middle class person in New York or Boston or Kentucky or Iowa being told that they'll have to work even harder to help their fellow man, without being given any options at all! Who gave President Bush the right to be righteous with their money? While I may have a personal duty to help my fellow man, that is a personal value that I hold dear, not a value that I should expect each one of my fellow Americans to have.

If I only had the power of impeachment, I would use it against this tax and spend liberal in the White House... the ex-cocaine addict we lovingly call... George W. Bush.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Truth Doesn't Exist

What’s religion? It helps us cope. Made by a man. Who smoked too much dope.

And love? A glorious thing. But what’s it about? Wearing a ring?

What about goodness? It’s so fake. We’re all humans. All on the take.

And last, we come to hate. Directed at people, doomed by fate.

We’ve built a plastic world, on a primitive surface.

We’ve created a reality, based on consensus.

Popular vote, rules the day.

G-d forbid, you’re black, poor or gay.

Strength in numbers? Is that what you say?

Love is forever? You’ll never stray?

Truth is relative. Perspective is too.

It doesn’t seem to matter. Unless it happens to you.

The world’s not messed up. It’s just who we are.

We haven’t changed at all. Although we’ve come so far.

I think I care. In fact I know I do.

But when others say it. I know it ain’t true.