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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Virgin Mary Appears at Highway Underpass - Then Defaced

What's more disappointing? The prevalence of graffiti in our society, or the fact that people mistake a salt stain on a cement wall under a highway for the Virgin Mary?
I'd say the latter.

First, the image looks NOTHING like the Virgin Mary.
Second, even if it resembled the Virgin Mary slightly, it's not a sign. When I was young I used to look up at the sky at what appeared to be chariots of fire, or some other image. Clouds were great because their formation was so random, that a creative individual could see almost anything.

The idea that adults would stand around looking at a salt stain on a concrete underpass is absurd. It's so amazing these people exist. Some of these people have children, and I think priority number 1 is for the government to investigate the mental stability of these caretakers. Any individual who would worship salt and cement must be called into question, at least in their capacity to care for young children.

Thank goodness Victor L. Gonzalez defaced the underpass (with picture). Those worshippers likely caused some kind of disturbance among other travelers, or at the very least, used up precious fuel to get to the underpass to worship, and someone had to put a stop to that. Shame on those two woman who removed the stain placed by Gonzalez. You're not supposed to encourage these people.


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Damn, this is a funny post. :)

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