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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Jennifer Wilbanks - The Runaway Bride - NUKED

We all know the story of Jennifer Wilbanks, the Runaway Bride. By the way, it appears she was prosecuted 10 years ago for shop lifting.

I feel bad for this woman. Jennifer seems like one of those people who go to church all the time, and honors Jesus, for the sake of creed, not religion. She does not really understand religion; she just practices it, blindly.

Religious people have an individual relationship with a higher power.

Creedful people practice religion and say all the right words, but they join a religious group for the wrong reasons. They are scared, fearful, weak people who have made many mistakes in life. They can’t stand the possibility that nothing exists after death. And so they grab at straws like religion. I both feel bad and look down on them for their ignorance.

Religious people, whether Christian or otherwise, have not earned my contempt. In fact, I admire truly religious people for their discipline and devotion. Many of the great men throughout the history of the world were religious. Heck, Jesus was religious, and I admire him.

Creedful people (a.k.a. the masses) have earned my contempt. They are religious for the wrong reasons. These are usually people like Jennifer Wilbanks or President George W. Bush who have a checkered past or who have made big mistakes in their life, and “religion” becomes their salvation. I never made such big mistakes, and hence don’t require such a major life change to feel better about myself. How does that make these people better candidates for heaven than me?


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