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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hundreds go wild in streets of Beirut - News from Israel, Ynetnews

I feel bad for the people of Labanon, but I cannot help to think that if they only protested this violently when Hezbollah put them in danger by terrorizing their neighbors... we would not be in this position to begin with. These people protest at the UN, yet the UN passed a resolution requiring Labanon to earn its sovereignty by putting down Hezbollah extremists. If the people of Lebanon succesfully put down these extremists, these terrorists, there would be no war. If the UN actually enforced their own resolutions, there would be no war. Now there is a war, and the easiest thing to do is to blame Israel, since they are doing the dirty work the Lebanese people should have done for themselves.

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

President Bush Lambasted by Taylor

What a brilliant line.

‘I hope you have the grace and humility to be ashamed of yourself, inside yourself.”

Just brilliant. It cuts right down to the core.

Taylor's line was futile. President Bush lives insides a protective shell that insulates him from feelings like shame. It's not that he isn't intelligent enough to understand how bad of a President he is, it's that he just doesn't have any sense of self. He is just a random human being with a closed mind and powerful parents. His supporters are the same. His supporters are the people who feel loyalty to the quarterback of their local football team. President Bush is a guy you can really pump your fists about if you're a fan of spectator sports. Go Bush! Boo Detractors! I'm surprised people don't where Bush jerseys... perhaps the NASCAR logos take up too much room on their leather jackets.

The problem in the United States is all of our fecal false-patriots. I'd rather have illegal immigrants who are willing to work hard than proud jingoists who are stripping away our freedoms and who support our troops by voting for their death.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Superficial people...

When they die...

No one cares

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Harriet Miers – George W. Bush in the Rose Garden this Morning

As I watched the press conference in the Rose Garden this morning, I couldn’t help but to wonder…

How much cocaine did President Bush really do?

Sure, we know President Bush is not exactly a dynamic person. His inability to articulate and his putrid oratory skills despite much practice and a necessity to perform well in these areas reinforce that claim. But I must confess. Watching him this morning, I was convinced that he suffered serious damage during his days of alleged (never denied) cocaine use.

He nominated a friend of his to the Supreme Court who has never been a judge.

Say anything you like, but that statement alone is damming.

He was asked in the Press Conference whether Harriet Miers was the most qualified person to be nominated to the Supreme Court.

He said yes.

First of all, it takes a lot of machismo to say that you’ve found the single most qualified person for anything… let alone a person who has absolutely NO QUALIFICATIONS! There are a lot of successful people out there, and if simply being a good lawyer qualified someone for the Supreme Court, I doubt this bureaucrat would be at the top of the list.

President Bush gave a wink and a nod to conservatives. Trust me, he says, she is one of us. Despite the fact that she donated money to democratic campaigns and has supported civil rights for homosexuals… she is one of us. President Bush says she won’t change he mind in 20 years and will be consistent. He also says he has never talked with her about particular issues about abortion, but has assessed her character.


1) How can conservatives believe she won’t change her mind in 20 years if she was a card-carrying democrat less than 20 years ago?

2) Isn’t it a coincidence that a life long friend of President Bush’s also happens to be the best candidate for the Supreme Court? (sorry, had to throw this in there)

3) How could President Bush’s chief policy advisor (and great friend) never have had a conversation with him about abortion? President Bush flat out lied when he said he did not recall talking about the abortion issue with her.

4) Let’s say President Bush is being truthful, and he has never spoken about abortion with Harriet Miers. Then how can he say “trust me, she is one of us?”

This thing smells.

President Bush is a mess. The American people were stupid… let me repeat that… STUPID for electing him. I don’t blame President Bush. I blame every American.

I blame those who voted for him.

I blame those who voted against him and didn’t fight enough against him

And most of all, I blame those who lived in highly contested states who didn’t vote.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Federal Gov Should Not Finance the Rebuilding of New Orleans!

You want to hear immoral?

Immoral is when an entity (let's call them the Federal Government), led by a man (let's call him George W. Bush), forces people (let's call them American People), to donate money to a cause they may not believe in.

George W. Bush will compel the federal government to spend well over $200 billion in the rebuilding of New Orleans when all is said and done. What gives him the right? Who the hell is he to single out a group of people in the United States and decide that they should receive a greater portion of financial resources than all others.

I feel bad for the people of New Orleans and surrounding locations, but it is not the job of the government to be compassionate - it is the job of individuals to be compassionate.

Not only is this act immoral, it is unconstitutional. Imagine... the middle class person in New York or Boston or Kentucky or Iowa being told that they'll have to work even harder to help their fellow man, without being given any options at all! Who gave President Bush the right to be righteous with their money? While I may have a personal duty to help my fellow man, that is a personal value that I hold dear, not a value that I should expect each one of my fellow Americans to have.

If I only had the power of impeachment, I would use it against this tax and spend liberal in the White House... the ex-cocaine addict we lovingly call... George W. Bush.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Truth Doesn't Exist

What’s religion? It helps us cope. Made by a man. Who smoked too much dope.

And love? A glorious thing. But what’s it about? Wearing a ring?

What about goodness? It’s so fake. We’re all humans. All on the take.

And last, we come to hate. Directed at people, doomed by fate.

We’ve built a plastic world, on a primitive surface.

We’ve created a reality, based on consensus.

Popular vote, rules the day.

G-d forbid, you’re black, poor or gay.

Strength in numbers? Is that what you say?

Love is forever? You’ll never stray?

Truth is relative. Perspective is too.

It doesn’t seem to matter. Unless it happens to you.

The world’s not messed up. It’s just who we are.

We haven’t changed at all. Although we’ve come so far.

I think I care. In fact I know I do.

But when others say it. I know it ain’t true.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Virgin Mary Appears at Highway Underpass - Then Defaced

What's more disappointing? The prevalence of graffiti in our society, or the fact that people mistake a salt stain on a cement wall under a highway for the Virgin Mary?
I'd say the latter.

First, the image looks NOTHING like the Virgin Mary.
Second, even if it resembled the Virgin Mary slightly, it's not a sign. When I was young I used to look up at the sky at what appeared to be chariots of fire, or some other image. Clouds were great because their formation was so random, that a creative individual could see almost anything.

The idea that adults would stand around looking at a salt stain on a concrete underpass is absurd. It's so amazing these people exist. Some of these people have children, and I think priority number 1 is for the government to investigate the mental stability of these caretakers. Any individual who would worship salt and cement must be called into question, at least in their capacity to care for young children.

Thank goodness Victor L. Gonzalez defaced the underpass (with picture). Those worshippers likely caused some kind of disturbance among other travelers, or at the very least, used up precious fuel to get to the underpass to worship, and someone had to put a stop to that. Shame on those two woman who removed the stain placed by Gonzalez. You're not supposed to encourage these people.

Jennifer Wilbanks - The Runaway Bride - NUKED

We all know the story of Jennifer Wilbanks, the Runaway Bride. By the way, it appears she was prosecuted 10 years ago for shop lifting.

I feel bad for this woman. Jennifer seems like one of those people who go to church all the time, and honors Jesus, for the sake of creed, not religion. She does not really understand religion; she just practices it, blindly.

Religious people have an individual relationship with a higher power.

Creedful people practice religion and say all the right words, but they join a religious group for the wrong reasons. They are scared, fearful, weak people who have made many mistakes in life. They can’t stand the possibility that nothing exists after death. And so they grab at straws like religion. I both feel bad and look down on them for their ignorance.

Religious people, whether Christian or otherwise, have not earned my contempt. In fact, I admire truly religious people for their discipline and devotion. Many of the great men throughout the history of the world were religious. Heck, Jesus was religious, and I admire him.

Creedful people (a.k.a. the masses) have earned my contempt. They are religious for the wrong reasons. These are usually people like Jennifer Wilbanks or President George W. Bush who have a checkered past or who have made big mistakes in their life, and “religion” becomes their salvation. I never made such big mistakes, and hence don’t require such a major life change to feel better about myself. How does that make these people better candidates for heaven than me?